About NDI

Naushawng Development Institute (NDI)

Naushawng Development Institute (NDI)is an independent, non-profit education and development policy organization founded on April 9th2009 by Kachin scholars committed to strengthening democracy and community development in northern Myanmar. NDI contributes to democratic transition, peace building and sustainable development in Myanmar through training; education; advocacy; research and policy development analysis, as well as networking.

Naushawngis the Kachin name for the leaders who guide thousands of people in the traditional Manau dance: we see education as our leader.  We believe that through education we can enable young people to become future leaders, who develop responses to the key issues facing our citizens.

NDI Motto

“Shape the Future, Invest in Education”

Our Vision

A society in which self-determination; peace; harmony and prosperity are enjoyed by all.

Our Mission

Advancing Kachin society through researching policy alternatives and providing educational leadership.

Our Aim

Promoting peace, human rights and democracy in Myanmar by empowering young community leaders and influencing decision-makers.

Our Values

Diversity, Equality, Justice

NDI Objectives

  • Empower potential community leaders through capacity-building programs.
  • Publish research papers relevant to social, political, and economic policy development in Kachin State and greater Myanmar.
  • Provide a high quality educational alternative for talented students.
  • Assist young people to find community-oriented work and educational opportunities and scholarships for further study inside the country or abroad.

Board Of Directors

Mangshang Yaw Bawm


Maran Hkun Myo Ja

Board Member

Nhkum La San Awng

Board Member

Lazum Hpuji Nawng

Board Member, Treasurer and Webmaster

Hpauhkum Seng Nu Pan

Board Member

Seng Hkum Hpauna

Board Member

Hpakawn Seng Li

Board Member

Program Management Team

Kumba Roi Nu


Hpauna Bawk La

Deputy Director

Lachyung Hawng Dau

Office Manager

Sumlut Seng Lat Awng

Principal of Naushawng Community School (NCS)

Khon Ja

Finance Manager

Elizabeth Hkawn Bu

Head of Research and Development Department

What they say about NDI

"One of my favourite things about NDI is that it is contributing to the quality education of young people regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion and region. Quality education is the best way for nation building and NDI delivers education with vibrancy and dynamism. I hope the NCS grows into an accredited university in the future."

Naw Mai

Programme Manager, Oxfam (Long-term NDI partner)

"NDI is a courageous organisation, with a good strategy of moving from language training and capacity building back in 2009 to civic education and political commitment in 2019. But what impresses me the most is NDI’s ability to renew and rotate excellent young leaders, proving that the organisation is broader than

Audun Agare

Director, Norwegian Myanmar Committee (Long-term NDI partner)

“NDI is for the community and supporting leaders. I hope they continue expanding their programmes. We are proud to have NDI in our community.”

Maran Sut Htap

Humanitarian Project Assistant, KBC

“Our alumni are very active serving communities and getting involved in politics... I hope the Research and Development Department will grow to serve the community even more and to become a leading think tank that in uences policy change with government and other authorities.”

Bawk La

NDI Deputy Director

“The success of Naushawng is the result of the combined efforts of our colleagues, students, alumni and others. Let’s dream bigger and thrive for our common Goals.”

Seng Hkawn

NCS Academic Dean

“The PCE and NCS are guiding and leading the community in development and politics to be able to point out whether government is right or wrong. Almost all of the alumni are able to serve in their native town or village by teaching English in the summer. They are also very con dent to engage local authorities.”


NDI Alumni Relations Coordinator

“Because of NDI, the community has a lot of bene ts, particularly a lot of new leaders. Every graduate can understand and get involved in the current political situation... I hope NDI will continue leading the community with education and generating new leaders who can effectively support the community.”

Parents of NCS Alumni