Animistic Religious Tradition Of The Kachins: Origins And Development


This study makes an attempt to trace the origins of historical development of the Kachins. It is a difficult subject matter to discern the specific facts of the Kachin historical origins.

However, the study assures that it tries to trace the possibility of how they have originally developed from the past based on various kinds of literature evidences. In other words, origins of a particular group can be searched by various ways, i.e. it may be found out through religious cultural elements: myth, folklore, ritual, philosophy, story, etc. However, the study chiefly emphasizes on social organizations or social structures such as marriage ceremony, wedding ceremony, housewarming, ritual, political structure and so on through which it is supposed to trace the original thought of the Kachins. So, this is what the original thoughts of the Kachins mean the origins of the Kachins.

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