Broken Future: A study of Ethnic Kachin Students (from Kachin Independence Organization-controlled areas) in the current Myanmar Education system.


It is the case that ethnic Kachin students who transfer from the Kachin Independence Organization-controlled area face unequal treatment and difficulty. Although much unequal treatment and discrimination exists in Myanmar, this issue has remained unmentioned even as political, economic and social reforms, including education reforms, take place in Myanmar and armed conflict occurs. Notably, this difficulty increased following the breakdown of the ceasefire and resumption of fighting in 2011. But this study focuses on the possible discrimination in the current education system since equal access to education is a basic right. In order to understand the students who are transferring to government schools from the KIO-controlled area, a number of interviews were conducted with students and parents who live in both KIO-controlled area and the government-controlled area, as well as teachers, education officials, and social workers, especially those who are working in education.

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