What We Do

NAUSHAWNG COMMUNITY SCHOOL (NCS) is one of NDI’s programs. The aim of the school is to foster young community leaders in north and north-east Myanmar. The school began with an eight-month certificate program in TOEFL Preparation and Civic Education from 2010- 2013, after which it upgraded to a certificate in English Language and Social Studies from 2014-2017. Based on seven years’ experience and community needs, the school then advanced to a year-long diploma. Thus from 2018 onward, the school is offering three programs:

  • Diploma in English Language and Development Studies
  • Diploma in English Language and Political Studies
  • Certificate in English Language & Social Studies

Fifty percent of the school curriculum is designed to provide students with a deep and practical knowledge of the basic concepts, theories, and practice in their chosen field including social research methods, while the other half of the curriculum is devoted to building the English-language skills necessary to communicate in a variety of contexts and pursue further academic study. We also provide instruction and hands-on opportunities designed to equip students with the professional skills necessary to excel in the world of work (IT, critical thinking, and management and communication skills). Special talks by community leaders, activists, and government workers enrich the experience for our students.

NDI runs reasonably-priced centers to accommodate the growing demand for English-language classes in Kachin State. It provides various levels of daily English proficiency classes ranging from elementary to advance. Our expanded courses will cover marketing and business studies.

This is a platform to build up the network and connections among alumni during the years after graduation. We aim to foster continued collaboration and support to the alumni. The program facilitates this by maintaining links through regular events, emailing and newsletters as well as finding and facilitating volunteer opportunities for community service and internships.

NDI assists students who obtain scores above IELTS 6.5 to apply for scholarships for further study abroad. Thus far, more than 20 NCS alumni have obtained scholarships to study at universities in Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Australia, New Zealand, United States and the Czech Republic. Those who have already returned to Myanmar now work for local and international NGOs.

This program targets young adult participants from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds to increase their political awareness, engagement, and participation in Myanmar through the introduction of civic education subjects including human rights; democracy; peace and conflict; federalism, elections and voter education. We also run courses for political parties’ members on advanced political awareness training.

The RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT department’s goal is to foster and promote Kachin State studies emphasizing social, economic, and political research. We publish our research in Jinghpaw, Burmese and English to reach a wide range of audiences. Documents are also available electronically through our website. We collaborate with other research institutes, both in Myanmar and Southeast Asia.

Our Advocacy Framework ensures that all our programs identify clear messages and audiences for maximum effectiveness when we lobby decision-makers. We aim to ensure we have all the necessary evidence.